Welcome Message!

Dear Friends,

It is with a sense of pride and achievement we are pleased to inform you that the Association of Indian Forging Industry (AIFI) was bestowed with the honour of hosting the 7th Asiaforge Meeting 2019 India. This decision was taken at the 6th Asiaforge Meeting 2016 held in Japan. After due consideration and study, AIFI has decided to organise the 7th Asiaforge Meeting 2019 India in Chennai from 20 January, 2019 to 24 January, 2019 inclusive of plant tours.

In over 52 years, Association of Indian Forging Industry (AIFI) has had the opportunity to host International Forging Congress (IFC) 1990 at New Delhi, Asiaforge 2008 at New Delhi and IFC 2011 at Hyderabad. Over 550 delegates from the Asian forging community participated in the Asia Forge whereas in the IFC 2011 there were more than 1000 delegates from across the globe. As you are aware, AIFI successfully organized the first edition of Forgetech India 2016 at Gurgaon, which witnessed a footfall of 600 participants.

Asiaforge 2019 India would be held concurrently with the second edition of Forgetech India. In this event we would have presentation of articles on forging related subjects as well as exhibition of companies displaying their products. It would thus provide an excellent opportunity for all visitors to interact with the dozens of the forging industry, to observe the exhibits and get richer with forging knowledge.

No event can be a success without your presence. Hence, we are keen to meet you at 7th Asiaforge 2019 India. We shall be very happy to welcome you there

  • S. Muralishankar

  • Abhay Raj Kapoor

  • Vikas Bajaj